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I'm aware that it has been several fortnights since I last posted, but all things considered, I have been quite busy since. With fall term upon us, my music writing and work taking up the majority of my time, it has been somewhat of a challenge to get to updating this from time to time. Since I have these moments free, I have decided to take this opportunity to update.

As I suspected, things never got better at my day job. The same nonsense seemed to perpetuate itself and show no sign of cessation. That is, unless I did something. One day after my last post, I quit my job and started the DJ'ing job exclusively. This decision proved to be fruitful. Especially since I make nearly three times as much now and have much less stress to deal with. Another change is that I don't have to be ashamed to say where I work now (note how I never named where I used to work). It's kind of nice to be able to afford things like gasoline and guitar strings. Another boon of this new station is being able to sleep

On top of that, I am finishing out my credits here before I transfer to a University upstate. And not a moment too soon, to be quite honest. This "school" has a quality of education that rates somewhere between septic and nonexistent, except for a few courses. The English Literature courses are spectacular, but everything else rates at a sub-par level. That is, unless you're training to be a CNA. But, aside from those, it is an institution that will place your dreams into a burlap bag with a few bricks, ties it up into a nice little package and heaves it off of a bridge into a freezing river. To top it off, as their quality plummets, their prices keep rising every other term. It makes me wonder what I am paying for... Yet, I've realized it doesn't matter all that much since I will be out of there in one more term.

With my stress level finally dropping, I've found myself writing more songs since I've more time to. But, these ones are only in the writing process. I like where these songs are going, so I will try to get them recorded as soon as possible. Also, I've been networking with some other groups as well, so hopefully I'll be able to get some performances booked outside of this area as well. I'm glad to see this much progress.

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